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Mathematical Notepad Info


Mathematical Notepad provides you with a powerful and flexible platform for taking notes, performing mathematical calculations, and organizing your information effortlessly. Whether you're jotting down ideas, solving equations, or managing text files, our platform offers

Key Features

1. Big Textarea for Unlimited Notes

The main feature of Mathematical Notepad is the expansive textarea where you can type anything—ideas, thoughts, or calculations. The textarea allows you to have a continuous and uninterrupted flow of information.

2. Mathematical Expressions

Easily include and evaluate mathematical expressions directly within the textarea. The site uses the math.js library to process your mathematical inputs, and the solutions are displayed conveniently on the same vertical axis in a box to the right.

3. Variable Declaration

Declare variables in your notes using the equal sign (=), and they will be automatically highlighted in blue. This feature makes it easy to identify and manage variables within your text.

4. Above Method for Summing Up

Use the 'above' method to sum up previously calculated values. This method searches upwards for the nearest value and sums every single value that comes directly after one another until it finds a whitespace. This unique feature simplifies the process of referencing and adding up previous results.

5. Expressions After your Notes

Add your variable declarations, mathematical expressions etc. behind your line of text by dividing them with the ':' character.

6. Comments Behind your Lines

You can add comments to clearly divide your notes into sections with their green highlighted line color. The comment does not interfere with the mathematical process, making it usable in nearly all scenario's.

7. User Accounts and File Management